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Breast Augmentation Surgery, or augmentation mammoplasty with breast implants, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed today. Tens of thousands of women seek breast implant surgery every year for a number of very personal reasons. Perhaps you are interested in breast augmentation surgery yourself, but are afraid of the tell-tale scars which may reveal your surgical choice to others? Perhaps you wish to have fuller breasts, but those visible scars are keeping you from scheduling an appointment. Well, why have visible scars if they aren't necessary?

Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) is an endoscopic plastic surgery procedure where breast implants are inserted through the umbilicus, or navel/belly button, thereby eliminating obvious surgical incisions--keeping your surgery a private matter. Another bonus is that TUBA decreases the recovery time in the average patient, as compared to other incision choices. Many patients report less recovery pain, less post-operative wound care and decreased down-time.

Visit the pages of this website to learn more about this advanced, and often misunderstood, surgery and see breast augmentation surgery in a whole new light...

After reviewing the website, the next step on your journey is to visit a plastic surgeon. He or she can explain the pros of cons of the various breast augmentation procedures. Also, you should view before and after breast augmentation photos to get an idea of the potential results from surgery.

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