TUBA is an acronym for Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation and is the endoscopic surgery to increase the size of the breast(s).  Endoscopic literally means a surgery or procedure performed by the use of an endoscope, which is a flexible, tubular "instrument for visualizing the interior of a hollow organ" (Merriam-Webster).  Think of an endoscope as a camera which can be threaded through hollow organs or under dissected skin and crevices.  An endoscope allows a physician to view the interior of the body via a monitor while enabling surgery to be performed using smaller incisions.  The result is usually a less invasive surgery with less downtime.

You may have heard this procedure called "scarless" breast augmentation, belly button breast augmentation and even endobam.  Regardless of what you may have heard it called, the surgery's primary goal is to provide the patient with a fuller bust using breast implants, all without visible scarring on the breasts or under the arms.  The surgery is innovative yet very safe when performed by a well-trained and qualified TUBA surgeon.  An added bonus us that the recovery time is often cut in half compared to conventional incision choices.  

Over the years, TUBA has received an unfair negative reputation by surgeons who have never had proper training or could not surgically grasp this endoscopic technique.  Of course, since these surgeons could not perform it, the procedure must be unsafe and a marketing ploy.  Which in itself is ridiculous considering the thousands of women who have had this surgery and are walking around today, quite happy and with no visible scars!  Obviously these nay-sayers have been stricken with Sour Grapes Syndrome and are simply touting it as a poor technique with which to implant a breast prosthesis because they cannot, or do not wish to, offer this procedure to their patients.  All surgeons will use what they know works best in their hands, which should be expected.  But to denounce a proven procedure because one cannot perform it or simply because one has heard negative rumors of its efficacy is quite preposterous.

The fact of the matter is that the percentage of risks of the TUBA procedure is the same, if not less than, a standard-incision breast augmentation procedure when performed by a competent and qualified surgeon.  Patients have reported being able to perform simple tasks earlier post-operatively than patients who have had incisions on the breasts or under the arms.  The obvious benefit is of course the lack of visible scarring but the down-time is also considered less by many.




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