Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA), was invented in October of 1991 by Houston, Texas surgeon Gerald W. Johnson, M.D..  This procedure has been safely performed ever since its invention and is fast becoming the technique of choice by many respected and well-known plastic surgeons.  

When performed by a trained and competent surgeon, TUBA most certainly has its advantages over the standard incision placements in bringing you a less invasive approach to surgical breast enlargement surgery with a often reported faster recovery.  The main benefit is, of course, the lack of evidential scars on the breasts or in the axillae (armpits).  With this endoscopic approach only one incision is made within the umbilicus (navel, belly button) for the placement of one or both breast implants.

In the earlier stages after the introduction of this technique, breast implants were only placed in the sub-glandular position (referred to most times as 'over' or 'over the muscle').  As more experience was gained with this technique, surgeons further realized that sub-pectoral implant placement was also possible endoscopically.  Tools were designed and utilized in dissection of the pectoral muscle to make way for this popular placement.  Sub-pectoral implant placement allows many women who have little or no breast tissue to have adequate tissue coverage over the edges of the implants.  Many women report that this placement gives them a more natural, sloping result--rather than an abrupt roundness of the upper poles of the breast.  This placement may also help hide the rippling which may occur at the medial edge of the breast implant.

Often scoffed at by surgeons who are not trained in the TUBA technique, TUBA has received more than its unfair share of criticism.  Myths abound regarding this procedure and are spread by the surgeons who cannot offer this procedure to their patients.  Rumors of puncturing organs, uncontrolled implant placement and implant warranties being voided are unfounded and ridiculous.  Some surgeons still believe and tell their patients that with TUBA, breast implants can only be placed in the sub-glandular position.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where competition slanders one another for profit.  As you can see by the collection of information and by speaking with real TUBA patients, these rumors and untruths are just that--false.  This is not to say that any other incision is primitive, rather we would like for all patients to be advised of their options, with TUBA education being our goal.  Our intentions are to dispel the myths regarding this procedure so that a patient can truly make an informed choice.

Surgeons who tell you that the transumbilical procedure is dangerous, unapproved or a gimmick with which to attract hapless patients simply do not know how to perform the procedure, do not wish to learn a less-scarring method for their patients or are all around uneducated on the matter.  This website was created with the patient in mind so that you can make a truly educated and informed choice. 





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