As we have discussed, the obvious advantages are the lack of visible scarring on the breasts or under the arms.  However, other benefits are also included with this surgery...
  1. Recovery time is practically cut in half with the Transumbilical Breast Augmentation Procedure, even when sub-pectoral placement is chosen.
  2. Chances of a bacterial infection are decreased when the implants are not placed through incisions on the breast or through the milk ducts.
  3. Your ability to breastfeed may be lessened due to the fact that the milk ducts are displaced during standard incision and insertion methods; with TUBA the breast implants are inserted fully under the breast tissue and are never placed through them--thereby increasing your chances of providing breast milk to your child.  However implants in general may cause lesser milk reserves due to pressure of the implant.
  4. Tissue stress at the incisions are of course not possible since the incisions are placed within the navel.  When incisions are placed on the breasts, including at the mammary fold, the incision can stretch. thin and widen.
  5. Scars can take up to a year to mature and should not receive any sun exposure for proper collagen networking.  This means no topless sunbathing (or indoor tanning) until the scar is well-healed if you have had breast augmentation via other incision techniques.
  6. Post-operative wound care is practically non-existent with TUBA.  Even if your surgeon chooses to place a drain in your navel it is removed within the first few days and the incision heals rapidly thereafter.
  7. Scar treatments are usually not necessary.
  8. Dancers may return to work as soon as their implants drop into place and their surgeon releases them to do so; plus there is no need to cover scars which may remain very red for many months.
  9. No inflammation and keloid formation at the mammary fold which may be caused by your bra.
  10. No prolonged pains in the armpit after trans-axillary incisions (through the armpit).  No ingrown underarm hair in the incision lines either.
  11. No loss of nipple sensation due to the cutting of nerves during peri-areolar procedures.
  12. If a patient choose to increase to very large cup size, incision healing problems due to lack of circulation from the extreme tightness of the breast envelope post-operatively, are not an issue.





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